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Our family package is an all inclusive fun packed, adventure filled and lifelong experience expenditure that will not only be fun, bonding experience but will take you and your loved ones on a safe and breath taking journey through our country, tailored to leave a lovely mark on your mind. We offer safaris, beach holidays, national park tours and site seeing coupled up with hiking, camping, riding, horse riding trips and so much more. Call us today for this once in a lifetime experience. Call us on +254770381878. .

We have never had such an experience. We bonded and had so much fun, my family has never been the same. AM COMING BACK!!!

Tour & safaris, Color, OASIS

Dedicated to making your honeymoon the best memory of your life, we plan a holiday getaway that is tailored around your passion and what you love. Our packages give you the thrill, privacy and are romantically planned to give you the best experience . Call us on +254721148419.

Love was all in the air. The package built a firm foundation for our marriage.!!!

Tour & safaris, Color, OASIS